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Sasha, Blood of My Monster

Aleksandra Ivanova, better known as Sasha, is the main protagonist and a narrator of the Monster Trilogy.


She was born into a rich and powerful family in Russia. She was well-educated and lived a comfortable life. But then her family was murdered, she had to flee and eventually had to disguise herself as a man to join the army, searching for the mastermind behind the massacre.

Monster Trilogy[]

Blood of My Monster[]

She was a private in the army and often got bullied because of her feminine built. Later on, she becomes one of the snipers in Kirill’s team. During a mission, she was injured so she and Kirill had to pretend to be a married couple to live in old villagers’ house. She then became Kirill’s guard and came to New York with his team.

Lies of My Monster[]

She became Kirill’s senior guard among Viktor.


Savage and a total queen

Physical Description[]

She has brown hair that falls past her shoulders and hazel brown eyes.